Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Favorite Eau de Toilette; To-Go

As a follow up to my last post about price tags and cosmetics, Sephora France has launched yet another channel of distribution to expand their empire; vending machines inside the Paris Métro. I have seen similar perfume machines before- one was inside the old Gramercy Park Hotel in New York during an Art Fair. But what makes this idea work is the low price point leading to an easy impulse buy.

Excerpt from Springwise in The Netherlands

It's been a while since we've come across any new efforts involving vending machines, but recently a nice one in the Paris Métro caught our eye. A week before Valentine's Day, fragrance retailer Sephora installed a series of machines at various Métro stations dedicated to selling Calvin Klein's CK One scent in a special, portable size.

From February 7 through February 20, visitors to the Métro's La Défense, Charles de Gaulle-Étoile, Montparnasse and Miromesnil stations could buy a special 15ml size of CK One at an on-site "CK One Pocket Store" by Sephora. Priced at EUR 10, the limited-edition pocket size is also available through Sephora itself. The vending-machine concept was created by Paris agency Nouveau Jour, which says it expects to use it abroad as well. A video on Daily Motion shows the campaign in action.


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